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Expana- Uncovering New Ways to Grow Your Business

Expana was born as the marketing technology spin-off of 3S, who introduced the gamechanging restaurant management system named “HOSTT” which is currently deployed in more than 1000+ restaurants across the country. At Expana, we are developing solutions and sourcing products that will transform your business processes for higher efficiency and better profitability.

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We work for a purpose & we believe in it.

5 years back, a few young entrepreneurs formed a startup named 3s and developed a system that can automate, track, and manage almost all the operational processes of a restaurant, ranging from inventory to invoice. They named it HOSTT.

Now, HOSTT is considered as a critical requirement for the success and growth in food industry. Each day, HOSTT is being used to manage the business processes of 1000+ restaurants. Since the beginning, we were focused on developing a game changer system. Thus, we worked closely with our clients to identify improvement opportunities for HOSTT. This practice of continuous improvement based on real life application over the last five years has molded HOSTT into a reliable, easy-to-use, and value generating component for any restaurant business.

As entrepreneurs, we learned that an agile and user-friendly technological solution can evolve into the determining factor between success and failure for businesses operating in any industry. Once we understood the wide applicability of our learning and capabilities as technological solution developers, we felt the necessity of setting up a spin-off that will cater process automation solutions and business expansion strategies to diverse businesses. That’s where EXPANA was formed.

Expana has already started working with the existing customerbase of Hostt to tailor it further at granular level for individual users. Expana is the right kind of partner if you are looking forward to reach a new height. It’s not just a believe, it is a conviction based on past experience. Now, all you need to do in order to initiate rapid expansion of your business operation is allowing us to join you. Let’s start.

custom solutions catering your needs
a young yet experienced team
continuous improvement of the solution
24/7 technical support system

we are providing the system and solutions
required for business expansion.


Restaurant Management System

Retailing System

Accounting Software System

Distribution Management System

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IoT enabled Solutions

Custom POS Solutions

Business Automation Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

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POS Terminal & Accessories

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Telecom Hardware & Accessories

IT Hardware & Accessories

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Web/App Development

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Sourcing & Supply

Software Training & Support

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A Few Traits that Set Expana
Apart from Others.


Our team is experienced, passionate, highly customer-oriented, and passionate to develop unmatched solutions for you.


Through years of experience, we have gained market insight and have developed the skills to assess and offer the best solution for you.

On time

We take pride in ensuring timely delivery to address your needs when it matters.

solution design

Leveraging our resources we are always equipped to offer an end to end solution.

client training

We offer adequate training to our clients to ensure best utilization of our solutions as we believe - "we grow with our clients".

round the clock

We ensure round the clock support through our dedicated support centre and 24/7 hotline number.

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